lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

unit 6. Family :D

yesenia's husband is herwing
yesenia's parents are carmen and teofrastro
herwing's son-in-law of teofrasto and carmen
Aixa's wife edinson
Edinson's son-in-law of teofrasto and carmen
Lourice's husband Raul
Lourice's parents are carmen and teofrasto
raul's son-in-law of teofrasto and carmen
Edilma's daugther of carmen and teofrasto
Teobaldo's son of carmen and teofrastro
Lenier's son of edilma
Sanet and saul's children of yesenia and herwing
Maoli and xavier's children of edinson and aixa
Laurianis's daugther of lourice and raul
me, maoli, xavier, lenier, sanet and saul's are grandchildren of carmen and teofrasto
yesenia's aunt of maoli, xavier, lenier, lauris and laurianis
aixa's aunt of lauris, laurianis, lenier, sanet and saul
lourice's aunt of lenier, maoli, xavier, sanet and saul
edilma's aunt of laurianis, lauris, sanet, saul, maoli and xavier
teobaldo's uncle of lenier, maoli, xavier, lauris, laurianis, sanet and saul
 lauris's parents are raul y lourice
lauris's sister of laurianis

jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

family...unit 6.

1.emily is peter's sister
2.peter is emily's brother
3.anne is emily's aunt
4.paul is peter's uncle
5.diana is peter's grandmother
6.henry is emily's grandfather
7.peter is paul's nephew
8.emily's is paul's niece
9.sandra is emily's mother
10.sandra is george's wife
11.sarah is peter's cousin

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Level1, Unit 4

My classmate

Ana Vivolo
Luis Granadillo
Maria Paz 
Lauris Fernandez
Fabiola Sardi
Elizabeth Carruyo
Geovanna Pinzón
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
Eliaines Matos
Paola Guerere
Eliaines Matos
Marysabel Nava
Maria Paz
Andrea Chirinos
Harold Nieles
andrea cohen
Alejandra Pérez
Mariolga Yagüa
Jose Fuenmayor
Emiralys Gutiérrez
Bàrbara Orán 
kevin Gonzalez
Leidimar Ramos
Mariangel Arteaga
Juan Alvarez
Rossalen Reyes

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

What's in my Bag?

I have a phone in my bag
I have a brush in my bag
I have a notebook in my bag
I have a Student card in my bag
I have a wallet in my bag
I have keys in my bag
I have an ipod in my bag
I have a glasses case in my bag